Fix-it Yourself

FYI, did you know you could FIY?

Fixing, upcycling, and DIYing are a huge part of repair culture. But what happens when you have something that can be reused, but you have no purpose for it? The obvious answer is: donate it, duh! Well, what if I told you there was a way your item could not only be donated, but would be given to someone who could really use it? Fix-it Yourself (FIY) is a new donation platform, specifically for fixers, upcylers, DIYers, and everyone in between!

Fix-it Atlantic can now be the new hot spot for material donation and adoption. Think of it as a curated Kijiji you can trust (we approve of every item before uploading it). Use the drop-down window to browse through our current offerings!

Do you have old items that you know someone could repair or repurpose into something amazing? Send us an email at!