Food fixes

When you think of “repair culture,” food might not be the first thing that comes to mind. (Although – googling “food+power tools” does link you to some fascinating life hacks.)

A recent New York Times ‘debate’ on Keeping Food On the Plate, and Out of Landfills offers four perspectives on the causes and impacts of the massive food waste endemic in industrialized countries, as well as recommendations at the societal and individual levels about how to address it.

From the #FoodWasteWarrior quiz:

Food waste from FOUNDns

(And note! If you take the #FoodWasteWarrior quiz, up to $0.50 – “the equivalent of diverting a full meal’s worth of perfectly good food from the landfill” – will be donated to the food rescue charity of your choice. If you’re in Nova Scotia, choose FOUND NS!) 

So where does “repair” come in? Well, there’s lots we can do to make “waste” food usable (as edible treats or otherwise) and to prolong the life of food we’ve already bought. Look for ideas, tips, how-to’s, and best practices in future posts – and at Fix-it Fairs!

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