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Fix-it Yourself

Fix-it Yourself

Looking for resources to support your fix-it ambitions? Here are a few good ones we like:

ifixit – An open-source online repair manual for just about anything. Particularly robust resources for phone and other small electronics, but plenty of other stuff too.

Reddit – A forum to post your questions and get answers from a global community. There are subreddits for any speciality (check out DIYDIY_techHomeImprovement) but fixit is a great place to start.

YouTube – Yup, just good ol’ YouTube. Type “how to fix ____” into the search bar and you will be surprised at how many tutorials you’ll find. If you’re having trouble fixing or using something, chances are very high that someone else has had the same problem – and made a video about how to solve it.

The Family Handyman – if you can deal with all the pop-up ads, there are awesome resources in here for fixing all kinds of ordinary household things.